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Processing Community Day 2017 & 2019

A day to celebrate art, code, and diversity

Dates: 2017 & 2019
Locations: MIT, UCLA, and worldwide

Processing Community Day is a day to celebrate art, code, and diversity. PCD aims to make learning how to program and learning how to make creative work with code accessible to diverse communities, especially those who have not had access to these tools and resources. The first Processing Community Day (PCD) was organized by Taeyoon Choi and the Processing Foundation in 2017. Taking place at the MIT Media Lab, PCD 2017 drew community members from all over the East Coast to get together to meet and share what they’re working on, and to learn and collaborate in person.

In 2019, the Foundation broadened the reach and impact of the PCD community by encouraging the organization of hundreds of PCDs around the world. The Processing Foundation also organized a Processing Community Day in Los Angeles, as well as inviting node organizers from all over the world to join us in organizing events in multiple locations. PCD @ Los Angeles was organized by Xin Xin, and featured 65 guests presenting in four differently themed tracks.

For PCD @ Worldwide, over 100 events were organized on six continents.

For 2020, we will shift focus from hosting a central PCD to supporting PCD Worldwide organizers. You can read more about our plans for PCD Worldwide here.

Read a series of articles about PCDs 2017 and 2019 on our Medium here.

For more details about PCD 2017 and 2019, check out the PCD website here.

2017 PCD Director, Taeyoon Choi
2019 PCD Director, Xin Xin

Processing Community Day Los Angeles, 2019.
Processing Community Day at MIT, 2017.
Manifestos for Radical Inclusion, a workshop led by Linda Ravenswood at PCD@LA, 2019.
Sydette Harry, a speaker at PCD 2017.
Participants at the “Alien Bodies” workshop by Best Friends Learning Gang, PCD@LA 2019.
PCD@LA 2019.
Ben Fry's opening remarks, PCD@LA 2019.
Participants at the workshop, “Toward a Reflexive Data Culture,” by roopa vasudevan, PCD@LA 2019.
Lauren McCarthy's opening remarks, PCD 2017.
The visual identity for PCD@LA 2019 was created by artist Yuehao Jiang.
A.M. Darke delivers the introduction to the “Radical Pedagogy” track at PCD@LA, 2019.
Taeyoon Choi delivers the introduction to the “Accessibility, Disability, and Care” track at PCD@LA, 2019
Attendees of Processing Community Cafe, a lunchtime discussion platform, where people formed groups to discuss their own topics, PCD@LA 2019.