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Google Summer of Code

From 2011-2017, The Processing Foundation has participated in Google’s global open-source education initiative Google Summer of Code. Through this sponsorship, we work with college-level students in open source projects that develop and expand Processing and p5.js. Students are paired with mentors from our community and are paid a stipend. GSoC projects have been as wide-ranging as library development to community outreach.

GSoC 2015 kickoff party.
Maya Man, a student mentored by Johanna Hedva in GSoC 2015, presents her work at the p5.js Contributors Conference.
New Kinect libraries openKinect and KinectPV2 by Thomas Sanchez Lengeling, mentored by Elie Zananiri in GSoC 2015.
Karen Peng and Kevin Siwoff share new work on p5.js 3D capabilities.
A browser-based code editor, designed specifically for the p5.js community, by Jason Sigal, mentored by Daniel Shiffman, in GSoC 2015.
Google Summer of Code 2017

May 5 - Sep 7

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Google Summer of Code 2015

May 25 - Aug 21

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Google Summer of Code 2014

May 19 - Aug 18

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Google Summer of Code 2013

June 17 - Sept 27

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Google Summer of Code 2012

May 21 - Aug 20

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Google Summer of Code 2011

May 23 - Aug 22

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