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Google Summer of Code 2013

Original Report: GSoC 2013

GUI Library for Processing by Martin Leopold, mentored by Florian Jennet
GUI Library is a prototype for a new graphical user interface library for Processing.

PDE X by Manindra Moharana, mentored by Daniel Shiffman
PDE X is a Processing mode that augments the development environment with new features such as code completion, refactoring, real-time error checking, and debugging. This is a continuation of Manindra’s 2012 GSOC work and shows some future possibilities for the PDE.

Serial Library for Processing by Gottfried Haider, mentored by Casey Reas
Serial Library replaces Processing’s existing RXTX-based serial library with one built on top of Java Simple Serial Connector. The core API remains the same, but this under-the-hood work allows Processing to better support all platforms.

Tweak Mode by Gal Sasson, mentored by Daniel Shiffman
Tweak Mode is a Processing mode that allows “tweaking” of hard-coded numbers in a sketch’s code through a user interface. The user can tweak the values while the sketch is running and the sketch window updates in real-time