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Open Call: p5.js Sound Fellow 2023

Open Call for p5.js Sound Fellow 2023

~Application Deadline: Dec 7, 2022, 11:59PM PST~

Application is now closed!

The Processing Foundation is looking for a p5.sound Fellow to focus on re-envisioning sound in the p5.js project, as a beginner-friendly intro to working with sound on the web and integrating sound into interactive audiovisual projects. We are looking to review existing features and to redefine a lean set of core features for p5.Sound (like playing sound, handling mic input, and some basic analysis of sound), while leaving more advanced features, like music composition, to other external libraries. The fellow will also develop a robust plan and documentation for future maintenance and contributors. The p5.Sound fellow will work with a mentor, a group of advisors, and the p5.js leads (p5.js lead and p5.js editor lead), to help re-envision the future of sound in p5.js.

The p5.Sound Fellow is a remote position and will be expected to commit 200 hours of work over the course of January to July of 2023. The Fellowship can be applied individually, or as a group or a collective, however, please note that the following stipend, hourly rate, and commitment to 200 hours will remain the same. Division of hours, labor, and stipend can be decided amongst the group or collective. The position comes with a $12,000 stipend calculated based on our fellow stipend rate of $60/hour for 200 hours and a $500 supplemental budget. This additional funding may be used for a conference registration fee, project-specific design work, or consulting fees related to the p5.Sound library. For the duration of the fellowship, the key responsibilities will entail: envisioning the roadmap, writing documentation, and developing a core set of features for working with sound in p5.js. This fellowship is a remote position open to anyone in the world. More details are as follows:

1. Re-envision and develop a roadmap for the future of sound in p5.js that addresses some key questions, such as:

  • How should we envision p5.sound as a beginner-friendly intro to working sound on the web?
  • What should the core p5.Sound features be, and why? How should we develop these core features?
  • Where should the code for p5.sound live? For example, should it be in its own repository, or should we absorb it into p5.js?
  • How should we envision and develop p5.sound focusing on access (accessibility and inclusion)?
  • How should we improve the p5.Sound contributor experience and facilitate community contributions?

2. Re-develop the code and documentation of p5.sound based on the new roadmap, during the 6-month fellowship time.

We highly encourage you to apply if you have experience with JavaScript, Web Audio, and open-source software. Applicants from groups generally underrepresented in open-source, art, sound, and technology fields are highly encouraged to apply.


  • Nov 7, 2022 — Applications open
  • Dec 7, 2022 — Applications close
  • Jan, 2023 — Fellowship period begins
  • July, 2023 — Fellowship period ends

Review committee:

  • Jason Sigal
  • Luisa Pereira
  • Qianqian Ye
  • Rachel Lim
  • evelyn masso
  • Cassie Tarakajian