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CC Fest - Creative Coding Festival

A young person sitting at a desk with a laptop in front of them. Three other young people are on one side and their teacher on the other side, all looking at the laptop.
A group of students and their teacher at CC Fest NYC at NYU ITP in 2018.
On a laptop on a desk the webcam video is displayed on the screen. There you can see a person with one hand up. Green dots and box mark different parts of the arm and hand. The photographer and their camera are next to them.
From CC Fest NYC in 2019 at NYU MAGNET.
A group of people sitting at a desk with laptops. A young person is talking to a person standing next to the group.
CC Fest NYC 2017 at NYU ITP.
A young person is sitting on a chair with a laptop on their laptop. There is a person on either side of them who are also looking at the screen.
CC Fest LA in 2018 at UCLA DMA.
a room of people working on their laptops are different desks. Some are looking at a person standing and talking.
A young student sharing her thoughts.
A group of people sitting around a table one person is gesturing and others are looking at her
A teacher meet-up during lunch at CC Fest NYC at NYU ITP.
Groups of people are sitting at desk gathered around laptops. One person is look directly at the camera.
Students working together.
A person with a laptop is surrounded by a group of people all looking at his laptop
A group of people helping each other.
A person standing and leaning over and typing on a laptop that is in front of a person sitting. There is a person with a laptop sitting next to them.
Getting help.
Two people facing their laptops on a desk. They are looking at one laptop. There are TVs on the wall above their head.
Students working together at CC Fest NYC at NYU ITP.
An adult woman is kneeling by desk next to a child. Both are looking at a laptop.
A parent and child working together.
A group of young women sitting around a small and high table. One has a cell phone pointed to the front of the room.
Students getting ready for the start of CC Fest.
a room of people gathered around different tables with laptops. One person is looking at the camera.
A group starting the first session at CC Fest.
Students sitting around a table looking at desktop screens
Students at CC Fest LA.
A group of fifty people all facing the camera. Some sitting on the floor and most standing.
The group at CC Fest NYC.
A person standing with a roll of paper in his hand about to strike the table. Other people are watching.
Students playing with hardware.
A group of forty people facing the camera and smiling
The group at CC Fest SF.
a person crouching and reach over to the keyboard on a laptop A group of children look on.
A teacher helping students.
A group of people of different ages are sitting at individual desks with laptops.
A mix of ages at a session.
A person with a laptop is looking up the large screen behind them.
Leading a session at CC Fest NYC in May 2018 at NYU MAGNET.
A person with a laptop looking up at the projection screen in a classroom. There a group of people sitting behind her in desks.
CC Fest in New York at NYU MAGNET.

CC Fests are free and inclusive events for students, teachers, and community members to engage in creative coding. Participants are encouraged to spend a day making interactive and engaging digital art, animation, and games. Teachers work on coding projects that they then can bring to their classes. Students are introduced to projects that help build their creative portfolios.

CC Fest is organized by a volunteer group of educators and led by Saber Khan, Education Community Director at Processing Foundation. Read about the first CC Fest at NYU ITP in October 2016 at this link.

These day-long events feature accessible sessions on creative coding led by volunteer educators and keynotes from inspiring individuals. You can learn more about some of sessions offered at these events at the link here and learn more about the volunteer organizers at the link here.

Currently, CC Fests happen in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The upcoming CC Fests are:

#CCFestNYC — Sunday, December 8, 2019 at NYU-ITP in Brooklyn, NY.

#CCFestSF — Saturday, October 19, 2019 at San Francisco Friends School in San Francisco, CA.

#CCFestLA — Sunday, October 27, 2019 at Crossroads School in Santa Monica, CA.

If you are not in one of those areas and want to organize a CC Fest, please let us know!

You can watch Maya Man deliver the opening keynote at CC Fest NYC in June, 2019 below.

Maya Man at CC Fest NYC June 8, 2019 at NYU-MAGNET