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p5.js x W3C

Each year, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), a nonprofit organization where web technologies like HTML and CSS are designed and standardized, organizes a week-long meeting of its entire community. This meeting, known as TPAC (Technical Plenary & Advisory Committee meeting), has one portion dedicated to public breakout sessions, where topics range from how to get started contributing to W3C, to privacy and security in HTML, web accessibility, WebXR, and other new technology standards on the web. This year, Lauren Lee McCarthy worked in collaboration with W3C and Bocoup to curate some newbie- and artist-friendly sessions. These sessions opened wide-ranging conversations between W3C contributors, p5.js and Processing community members, and many that were participating in the W3C community directly for the first time. Watch the videos and read the recap on Medium!

Cropped from the shoulders and above, Mindy stands in front of a green wall with a white window. She is a Korean American woman with black, wavy hair, dark green jacket, and hoop earrings. She has a neutral expression and is looking off to the side. Portrait of Ashley Jane Lewis. High contrast, oversaturated photomaton portrait of SHAWNÉ, a girl wearing dark red lipstick with fire engine red hair with dark brown roots and eyes, wearing silver hoop earrings and a nose ring. She has dark circles under her eyes and a neutral facial expression.  Portrait of Amelia Winger-Bearskin.
A young woman smiles contently, gazing into the distance to her left. She has dark brown skin and thin black locs framing either side of her face. A black and white portrait of a person staring into the camera. The black in their hair and clothes disappears into the background while the whiteness of their skin and eyes floats into the foreground. A woman with black hair and with her chin resting on her right hand. She is outdoors, on a wooden bench, in front of a stone wall.
A non-binary Han Taiwanese descendent with a short, assymetrical haircut and a few strands of white hair. They have a diamond-shaped face, light-olive skin, almond-shaped eyes and a high nose bridge. They wear a black, unzipped jacket and a tiny earring consists of two intersecting rings. Evelyn's face, tightly cropped. She has light-skin, light brown hair and dark eyebrows. She is holding an olive green corded telephone receiver up to her face with her mouth closed and a far-away look in her eyes. Aarón, a non binary person. They have short black hair, round pink translucent eyeglasses, and a blue T-shirt. The background is yellow, the colors in the picture are dark due to little lighting.
Brown and purple bezier curves mirrored across the screen, folding inward
3D representation of Valencia dances on white platform structure while avatars watch
Slide with yellow p5.xr screen, X and R positioned like eyes in a circle with a tear dripping from the R
Slide reading “Consent is not possible if we don’t move at the speed of trust” with circles and squares connected via wavy lines