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Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn (2016-2024)

Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn is a series of events for educators who teach computer programming in creative and artistic contexts. Founded by the School for Poetic Computation in partnership with the Processing Foundation, and directed by Tega Brain and Taeyoon Choi, the events bring together experienced educators to explore pedagogy, curriculum development, and how to create environments and tools for learning, specifically for interdisciplinary art practices.

Taeyoon Choi and Tega Brain start the day, 2017.
Group discussion in Houston, 2017.
Giving student teachers coding workshop feedback in Houston, 2017.
Nick Montfort presentation, 2017.
Mimi Yin presentation, 2017.
Kaho Abe presentation, 2017.
The group in discussion, 2017.
woman speaks while others sitting nearby listen
De Angela Duff in discussion, 2016.
Amit Pitaru talking with the group, 2016.
Ideas, questions, thoughts, brainstorms, 2016.
Dan Shiffman's presentation, 2016.
Allison Parrish and Tega Brain, 2016 Processing Foundation fellows, 2016.
Golan Levin in conversation, 2016.
The group, 2016.
Zach Lieberman saying hi, 2016.
Wrap-up thoughts, 2016.

Learning to Teach Creative Technologies with Generative AI

Organizers: De Angela L. Duff, Tega Brain, R. Luke DuBois, Scott Fitzgerald, and Carla Gannis

Learning to Teach Creative Technologies with Generative AI, a virtual unSymposium, is an opportunity to be in dialogue with other educators about teaching and student learning within this ever-evolving, generative AI landscape. We will convene virtually to share both the successes and challenges of incorporating generative AI in our classrooms this past year. We will also explore the possibilities and potential pitfalls and obstacles that lie ahead in the coming semester.

Our hashtag is #LTT2024 for Learning To Teach 2024.

Past Events

Learning To Teach Creative Technologies Remotely:

Learning To Teach Creative Technologies Remotely: A Virtual UnSymposium is an opportunity to participate in conversations on how to foster creativity and experimentation within this new teaching and learning landscape. In an UnSymposium format, we will get together and share what worked and didn’t work in our remote and hybrid classrooms this past year, as well as workshop opportunities and challenges for our pedagogy in the coming semester. Propose a case study to share via our open call.

Session topics included:

  • Creative Coding
  • Physical Computing
  • Experimental Realities: AR/VR/XR or Motion Capture
  • Beyond Zoom: Getting weird with teaching online. What has worked? What has not?
  • Hosting Virtual Events (i.e. End of semester virtual showcases, exhibitions, and performances)
  • Fostering student and/or colleague engagement and community building

Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn 2019

  • Date

    January 20, 2019 (10am-4pm)

  • Location

    UCLA Design Media Arts

Learning to Teach is a day-long conference for educators teaching computation in creative fields like art, design or digital humanities departments. Led by Taeyoon Choi (SFPC) and Tega Brain (NYU), the conference will feature keynotes by leading educators including Elise Co (Art Center), Rhazes Spell (UCLA) and Lauren Gardner (SFPC). The keynote speakers will share their experiences teaching computer programming, design, game and related topics, their strategies for blending critical thinking, engineering, and inspiring creativity in a teaching environment. This year’s program will include a participatory session for attendees to observe the pedagogical strategies of their peers and develop teaching approaches of their own.

Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn 2018

Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn Houston

Learning to Teach at the ICP

Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn 2016

Video from Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn 2017