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20th Anniversary Community Catalog

What does being a part of the Processing community mean to you? We’re creating a community catalog to celebrate all we’ve done together with Processing for the last 20 years! We hope you will consider contributing a page that represents how you’ve been a part of the community. You can share art you’ve made, code you’ve written, an event you organized, a workshop you taught, or anything else! Your page can be anything—a sketch, some writing, a photo, a screenshot, a collage, a poster, a mini-zine, etc! We hope to receive 1000s of pages! We’re excited to see what you share, and please share this call with your friends.

We aim to publish the community catalog at the end of January 2022. An edited print version will be available through the annual Processing Fundraiser in December, and everyone will be able to download a digital copy for free. All pages will be included in the digital version as long as they follow our Code of Conduct.

Please fill out this Google Form or email your contribution (see instructions below). Submissions are due by 11:59pm PT on Friday, Oct 1, 2021.


Email Instructions