Biased Data: A Panel Discussion on Intersectionality and Internet Ethics (2015)

Date: November 19, 2015
Location: Broad Art Center EDA, UCLA

The Biased Data panel examined how real-world biases and inequality are replicated and systematically integrated into “neutral” algorithms and databases. Featuring panelists Safiya Noble, Marika Cifor, and An Xiao Mina. Co-moderated by Casey Reas and Johanna Hedva of the Processing Foundation, and organized by voidLab.

Safiya Noble presents on biases within Google and other search engines. Photo by Hillary Rose Cleary.
An Xiao Mina discusses translation issues around English being the “universal” language on the internet. Photo by Reginald Lin.
Marika Cifor presents her work on and within queer archives, and the danger of nostalgia around AIDS representation. Photo by Reginald Lin.
from left: Johanna Hedva, Marika Cifor, An Xiao Mina, Safiya Noble, and Casey Reas at the Biased Data panel. Photo by Anisa Bashiri.
Poster designed by Caroline Park.

Transcriptions of each presentation and the discussion and Q&A are provided by Open Transcripts and can be found here.

Safiya Noble
An Xiao Mina
Marika Cifor


This event was made possible by the generous support from The Processing Foundation, UCLA Graduate Students Association, and UCLA Design Media Arts.

With special thanks to Brenda Williams and Sara Lee!